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In case you don’t know who we are this brief guide will give you an introduction to The Film and TV Model Club and our bi-monthly magazine: Drone.

We began life in September 1992 with our first issue of Drone containing just one kit review, that of Halcyons Alien 3 creature and only 2 sides of paper.

Our average page count is now fifty and we have, on average, twenty actual kit reviews per issue along with a host of other information. What makes Drone different from the other magazines is that the reviews are by members who have bought, built and painted the kit in question. Hence all the views can be fully trusted, which makes for Drone’s strongest point.


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geometric alien

Each issue of Drone covers figures and hardware, being a good reflection of subjects currently on the market. Aliens to Zombies, you name it and we will review it.

Resin, vinyl, plastic or white-metal, as long as there is a link to sci-fi, horror or the fantastic then chances are you will find a reference in Drone magazine.

We are a non-profit making publication/club, any revenue we make will be ploughed back into the club so that we can offer discounts with dealers for members or run colour pages within the magazine.




Our reviews tend to be blunt and honest because we write for the people that buy and build the kits, if a casting is rubbish you deserve to know about it. Click on the navigation bar to see some of the members build-ups in the Gallery page.

You know what the picture looks like on the box but only Drone can tell you what the contents are really like.

In 1999 we unveiled our own line of very popular kits from Dr One’s Lab, for more details click on the navigation bar on the left.

We also hold our own bi-annual convention called Drone-A-Rama where members get a chance to show off their latest build-ups and relax over three hugely entertaining days, again please click on the navigation bar for more details, our next show is in October 2001 and this already promises to be extremely exciting.


Anyway, I hope you enjoy this site.

We would be delighted to receive feedback on any matter relating to this site. We would also appreciate any links that are considered relevant so please contact us if you are a web author.

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